Press releases overview
  • Strong market position in Austria, CEE and Russia
  • Leading role in health insurance in Austria
  • “Excellent” capital adequacy
  • “Outstanding” liquidity
  • Capital and earnings assessment remain at a very good level
  • Today Standard & Poor’s published an update on UNIQA and confirms the current rating: A-/Stable.


  • S&P confirms "A-" ratings on the operational UNIQA core companies
  • Outlook remains "stable"
Outlook raised to “stable” As a consequence of the turbulence on the capital markets and the Euro crisis, the international rating agency Standard & Poor's set the rating for the ...
The international rating agency Standard & Poor's reconfirmed the current 'A' rating for UNIQA Group's operative core companies and the 'A-' rating for the Group's holding company UNIQA ...
The rating agency Standard & Poor's confirmed the existing "A" rating for the UNIQA Group today, 28 May 2010. In doing so, S&P emphasised the strong competitive position of the UNIQA Group ...
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